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The oils produced from the Mustard seeds are extremely versatile and have a wide range of uses and applications in many industries. 

AMO has heavily commercialised the production process of its fine oils, and has reduced waste as significantly as possible.

AMO's Volatile Oil of Mustard

  • Food flavouring applications

  • Used in cosmetic products

  • Antiseptic properties applied to soaps

  • VOM can be used as a natural ingredient in insect sprays

  • VOM is also capable of use in bio fumigants and other agricultural applications.

AMO's Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

  • Used for Pickling

  • It has a distinctive pungent taste 

  • Cooking, frying, deep frying, salads, dressings.

  • Very clean flavoured & palatable.

Potatoes cooked in Mustard oil

A rich ingredient bringing cooking to life

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