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Positions Vacant

Position Title – Plant Operator

Direct Reporting line – Plant Manager

Indirect Reporting Line – General Manager



Job Description

This position is responsible for the supervision of all plant operations required to produce the finished products fit for sale by Australian Mustard Oil and is is responsible for the physical upkeep of the plant. It requires constant observation of machinery and production flow, ensuring all machinery is running as per required and any subpar performance or defects that are noticed are reported to the plant manager or fixed accordingly.

It works closely with the production team to increase profitability and production in the manufacturing plant and are responsible for the safe operation of plant and equipment. Operators may be engaged on day work or shift work.

On-the-job training is provided, however having previous experience and current tickets such as Working at Heights and Confined Spaces and Forklift licence is advantageous.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Operate plant and equipment such as cranes, forklifts and jackhammers as required.

  • Feed raw material and processing agents into plant machinery.

  • Set controls and operate machinery.

  • Adhere to all relevant Standard Work Instructions (SWI’s).

  • Follow all Site Safety and Company procedures.

  • Safety intervention of unsafe acts.

  • Undertake all necessary training as directed.

  • Liaise with plant manager to ensure production schedules will be met and any issues are to be escalated to the Plant Manager as soon as they are identified.

  • Take instructions, when necessary, from the plant manager

  • Cleanliness, ensure factory floors, walls, ceilings and machinery, including, but not limited to, forklifts, tractor, crush plant, SSC, are cleaned and maintained in a satisfactory condition

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