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About Australian Mustard Oil



Australian Mustard Oil is a wholly Australian owned company.  It was established in 2014 in Young, New South Wales, to meet the growing demand for a premium quality Volatile Oil of Mustard and the triple filtered, cold pressed Mustard Oil.


The company has grown significantly over the last few years due to higher demand for its premium quality oil which is produced according to strict Australian guidelines. 


Australian Mustard Oil currently exports Volatile Oil of Mustard to the flavour and ingredient business in Japan and cold pressed Mustard Oil to various buyers in Fiji and India.





Mr Healey held CEO positions in a number of  Energy utility companies and several commercial Power generation companies.

Mr Healey established Oil Treatment Services (OTS), which specialised in the treatment of Transformer oil for large mining and utility companies. In 2005 OTS merged with Hydrodec PLC to acquire CSIRO technology for the treatment of PCB’s and Hydrodec subsequently was listed on the AIM board of the London Stock Exchange. Mr Healey was Group Market Development Manager and plants were established in Australia and the United States and in 2009 Mr Healey established a joint venture with Japanese company Kobelco Eco Solutions for establishment of plants in Japan and Asia


Mr Healey established Australian Rutile Pty Ltd and acquired mining leases and exploration permits in North Queensland. Mr Healey is Chairman of Australian Rutile.


Mr Healey is Chairman of Australian Mustard Oil.

Russell Healey 


Bill Moss AO


Mr Moss is an Australian businessman and philanthropist with expertise in real estate, banking, funds and asset management.

Mr Moss spent 23 years as a senior executive and Executive Director with Macquarie Group, where he managed the global Banking and Real Estate businesses. Mr Moss founded, grew and led Macquarie Real Estate Group to a point where it managed over $30 billion worth of investments around the world.

Mr Moss was responsible for creating and building businesses in the areas of real estate investment, property funds management, finance and banking, tourism and leisure, and mortgage banking.  


At the time of his resignation in December 2006, the business had grown to over 1,400 staff, located in USA, Europe, UK, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, which led to one of Macquarie Group’s most profitable businesses. 


Mr Moss has been a director of eight listed property trusts and one listed infrastructure trust.

Mr Moss is currently Chairman of Moss Capital, Chairman of Boston Group of Companies and non-executive director of Elanor Investments Pty Ltd.


Mr Moss is Chairman and Founder of The FSHD Global Research Foundation.

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